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Reliance picks up 12.7% stake in futuristic pod car system maker SkyTran
– October 18, 2018

Reliance said it will work closely with SkyTran to develop pilot implementations followed by implementation of its network in India at scaleContinue Reading

Rivals ARM and Intel make peace to secure Internet of Things
– October 16, 2018

ARM has struck a strategic partnership with Intel to use common standards developed by Intel for managing IoT devices, connections and data.Continue Reading

Kymco picks up over 25% stake in Twenty Two Motors to foray into electric scooters
– October 16, 2018

Kymco will be investing $65 million into Twenty Two Motors which will be utilised for setting up of new plant, product portfolio and localisation of bContinue Reading

Real Estate developers turn to IoT, Artificial Intelligence to woo home buyers
– October 9, 2018

Developers are warming up to the idea of incorporating home automation products to their offering, a late addition to the standard amenities list so fContinue Reading

We need to fix AI's bias problem: Microsoft’s Harry Shum
– October 9, 2018

Citing an example of AI bias, Microsoft’s Harry Shum said the search results for CEO as of today is “well dressed smiling men, largely white male”Continue Reading

Wildlife conservation to airspace sanitisation: 8 commercial uses of drones
– October 6, 2018

With India about to legalise drone use, here are some of the commercial uses that many different sectors can benefit fromContinue Reading

Artificial Intelligence-driven machines can be fooled, warn IISc researchers
– October 5, 2018

Machine-learning and AI software are trained with initial sets of data such as images of cats and it learns to identify feline images as more such datContinue Reading