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Udacity launches Blockchain Developer Nanodegree Program
– June 23, 2018

Udacity’s Blockchain Developer Nanodegree will focus on job readiness and the acquisition of in-demand Blockchain skills to help its graduates.Continue Reading

Govt to scrap subsidy for private electric cars
– June 23, 2018

Policy-makers justified the move, saying the government has now decided to give cash subsidies to electric vehicles used by shared-mobility operators Continue Reading

IIT Roorkee is developing drones to make your train journey safer
– June 23, 2018

Indian Institute of Technology in Roorkee has developed the drones which are currently being tested on the tracks around Uttarakhand.Continue Reading

How India is shifting towards an inclusive learning in science and tech
– June 22, 2018

From quantum physics to complex computing, there is a movement across India to explain technology in local languages so that more people can understanContinue Reading

Shillong 100th city to be selected under Smart Cities Mission
– June 21, 2018

"Till now, 99 smart cities had been selected in four rounds of competition and with today’s announcement, selection of 100 cities has been compleContinue Reading

Indian govt to rope in nodal agencies for electric vehicle infrastructure
– June 20, 2018

The government has proposed a grant of Rs 1,050 crore for 4,200 public charging points in populated cities and major highways, besides concessional laContinue Reading

India’s desi GPS ‘NavIC’ all set to navigate you
– June 19, 2018

Soon, your smartphones and car navigation systems may take directions from NavIC, the government’s desi global positioning system (GPS) that has beeContinue Reading